M-Tech Energies offers next generation  solar photo voltaic solutions that range  from stand  alone systems to full scale  PV systems. Our highly- efficient reliable solar system solutions deliver more energy and require minimal maintenance while keeping  the cost  low. We have created innovative methods and augmented them with our in-house  technology  and expertise.

Why Solar Energy

Solar  photovoltaic  (PV) energy  offers  a  number  of advantages over other traditional energy  sources. In addition  to  delivering  peak   energy   at  competitive prices   to  conventional,   solar  PV can  avoid  costly transmission, capital  upgrades and  can  be  rapidly scaled.

During  a  typical  summer   day,  electricity  demand grows to a peak in the afternoon, driven by maximum industrial  load  and  air conditioning.  A unique  and desirable  feature  of solar  PV is that  its generation profile closely  parallels  electricity  demand, with its maximum output coming in the early afternoon of hot summer days

Clean Reliable Sustainability

In addition  to  being  a  limited resource,  traditional hydrocarbon fuels are negatively impacting our environment,  so finding clean, renewable sources of energy is critical. Solar PV produces abundant, clean, affordable, renewable energy without harmful emissions or greenhouse gases. Because solar fuel is unlimited and  free, once  the PV panels  are installed, they will continue  to produce essentially  free energy for decades.

Solar  PV is  already  demonstrating quick  ramp-up capability, because it is a distributed  energy  source, solar PV can  be located  where  most  peak  energy  is needed —  without  the  time or expense of building major new transmission or distribution facilities. It is an immediate   solution– as soon  as  a  solar  panel  is installed, it generates electricity.

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